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Why PA iLottery Could Give Online Casinos A Run For Their Money

That said, Pennsylvania’s online lottery will have to deal with something not found in Michigan: Competition. In addition to its online lottery, Pennsylvania is also preparing to roll out online casino games. Those games will be run by the state’s land-based casinos. Casinos are unhappy with the PA online lottery Not surprisingly, the possibility of the PA online lottery doing $1.2 billion per year in online sales isn’t sitting well with the state’s casinos. In late June, the 12 of them banded together and sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf , asking him to shut down the state’s nascent online lottery. The casinos claim online instant win tickets are online slot machines by another name. “In virtually every way imaginable, Lottery’s iLottery program mimics a casino operation offering simulated casino-style games in direct contravention of (the law’s) express prohibition on Lottery offering ‘interactive lottery games which simulate casino-style games.'” Per the law that legalized online lottery products, the definition of online lottery games: “[Does] not include games that represent physical, Internet-based or monitor-based interactive lottery games which simulate casino-style lottery games, specifically including poker, Roulette, slot machines and Blackjack.” Based on the language of the gaming reform law, and the lottery’s own use of the word slots in its marketing, the casinos have a legitimate gripe. Unfortunately, the result of the letter wasn’t a rollback of online lottery games, rather the lottery has simply agreed to stop using the word “slots” in its advertising. What makes the resemblance more problematic for the casinos is the age requirement to play online lottery games is 18 years old.

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